Student Handbook

Welcome to Chinook Middle School home of the Thunderbirds! We are glad you part of our Chinook family! We have been preparing for your arrival and want to be sure that your years at Chinook are successful ones. We believe in our students and recognize that a big part of our school-wide success depends upon the leadership our students demonstrate at Chinook. For this reason, every student will be held accountable for school-wide policies and procedures that have been established to foster a safe and productive learning environment. The information in this planner is intended to answer some of the questions you are likely to have and to assist you in making appropriate decisions.  

Please take the time to look through this Student/Parent Handbook.  We are sure it will be of assistance to you throughout the school year.


Children between the ages of 8 and 17 are required by Washington State law to attend school every day it is in session.  Per district policy, parents/guardians are required to provide the school with a valid excuse for their students’ absences, either by calling on the day of the absence or in writing, within 48 hours of the student’s return.   Students who miss half or more of a school day without a valid excuse will be considered truant.  Valid excuses for missing school are:

  • Illness
  • Professional appointment (medical, dental, counseling, etc.)
  • Family emergency
  • Religious holiday
  • Mandatory court appearance

Advance notice is required in writing for pre-arranged absences such as family trips.

A copy of an Excused Absence form has been enclosed with the Student/Parent Handbook for your convenience.  This form, a written note or a phone call will meet the Washington State requirements for excused absences. 

If a student is truant, Chinook MS will notify parents/guardians of the problem via telephone and/or in writing.  Students and parents may be required to attend an attendance meeting at school to address truancy issues and enter an attendance agreement.  If truancy issues persist, Chinook will file a truancy petition in King County Superior Court, per RCW 28A.225.

For more information on Washington State Mandatory Attendance Law (Becca Bill) and Highline School District’s Attendance Policy, please contact Véronique Chevallier-Gruschow, HSD Truancy Officer, at           206-631-7621 and/or visit

Students arriving late must check in at the Attendance Office. Parents or guardians checking a student out early must sign student out in the Attendance Office.


Students will pay a participation fee for in school athletic programs. Fees for middle school sports are: $30 per sport ($15 for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch). Fees are charged for up to two sports per student per year; there is no charge for a third season. This fee dos not waive the requirement for participating students to purchase an ASB card and does not guarantee a spot on an athletic team or playing time.  Physicals are required for all sports and are good for two years from the date of the exam.  Students who need financial assistance should contact their school counselor or coach for information. Please visit the districts website athletic page for detailed information and required online application for middle school sports.


Level One Minors

  • Academic Cheating
  • Chewing gum
  • Disengaged/off-task
  • Excessive talking/noise disruption
  • Food and/or drink in classroom
  • General classroom disruption
  • Name calling/putdowns
  • Not bringing supplies
  • Not completing homework
  • Not following directions
  • Note writing
  • Out of seat
  • Personal space issues
  • Play fighting
  • Refusing to work
  • Sleeping in class
  • Writing on desks/leaving a mess


No referral-document for own records. Managed in-house or by classroom teacher.

Teachers will assign classroom level intervention or consequence such as:

  • After school detention
  • Better choice area
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Phone call home
  • Seat change
  • Hallway conference with teacher

Level Two Minors

  • Attendance
  • Becca/Truancy
  • Defiance
  • Disruptive/Unsafe Activity
  • Inappropriate dress/appearance
  • Inappropriate language/verbal abuse
  • Inciting aggression
  • Inference with authority
  • Misuse of technology
  • Not identifying self
  • Play fighting (disruptive)
  • Swearing at another student
  • Unauthorized gatherine
  • Vandalism
  • Chronic level one misbehavior


Interventions prior to referral may include: 

  • CICO (house team initiated; admin and tier 2 team decision)
  • Phone call home (must be done prior to referral)
  • Parent conference
  • Problem solve with other teachers/counselors
  • Student contract
  • Rewards for positive behavior
  • Hallway conference with Dean/Admin

When the above interventions do not work and parents have been contacted regarding the behavior, complete a referral and send to the Dean with all other documentation


  • Academic Cheating
  • Aggressive/unsafe behavior
  • Arson/reckless burning
  • Assault/sexual assault
  • Becca/Truancy
  • Bomb Threat
  • Burglary
  • Cyber bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Drugs/alcohol/tobacco
  • Explosives
  • Extortion
  • False Alarm
  • Fighting (mutual, not assault)
  • Fight instigation/spreading rumors, etc.
  • Forgery/Fraud
  • Gambling
  • Gang affiliation
  • Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
  • Inappropriate dress/appearance
  • Inappropriate language directed at a staff member
  • Inappropriate language/verbal abuse
  • Interference with authority
  • Lewd behavior/in-appropriate affection
  • Major technology violation
  • obscene material
  • Occupation of property/trespass
  • Serious sexual misconduct
  • Serious threats toward students/staff
  • Theft/possession of stolen property
  • SPED only-serious bodily injury
  • Throwing items, running wild
  • Vandalism/destruction - cannot be easily repaired
  • Weapons


Referral to Dean/Administrator

Dean of Students will consult with Administration to determine course of action

Consequences/interventions for referrals may include: 

  • Conference with Dean/Admin
  • Calls Home
  • Single period restorative reflection in Chinook Academy
  • Restorative conference/circle
  • Lunch/after school detention
  • loss of priveleges
  • Parent conference
  • Parent classroom visit
  • Restitution
  • Campus beautification
  • ISS
  • OSS

Electronics (headphones, earbuds, cell phones, Ipods, etc)

Are NOT to be used on campus. They should be turned off and put away at all times during school hours. Electronics may be collected by staff, tagged, and turned into the attendance office and consequences may include:

  • Letter sent home with student  to be signed by parent
  • Require families to pick up the electronic device from the office
  • Phone held in office until end of day
  • Calls home
  • Require phone to be checked in and held daily with support staff

Hats and Hoodies

Are NOT to be worn in buildings on campus at any time. Repeat offenses may result in: 

  • Letter sent home with student to be signed by parent
  • Require families to pick up the item from the office
  • Calls home
  • Item held in office until end of day

Food and Drinks

Teacher/family provided food celebrations must be consumed and cleaned up completely before leaving area/class.


  • Backpacks will be carried all day and left in the appropriate location in each classroom as determined by the school staff.
  • Students should not bring large amounts of money, cell phones, iPod’s, hand-held electronic devices, cameras, skateboards, scooters, or other non-essential items to school. Students are responsible for their personal property. School staff may not have time to assist in their recovery in the event they are lost or stolen.
  • Students may not have cell phones or other electronic devices out during a school day.


Free and reduced applications are available online at , a limited supply of applications will be available in the school office.  A new application must be completed each school year. The 2017-18 application status will expire on October 6, 2018.  A new application must be submitted and approved prior to October 6 for your student to continue receiving free/reduced meal benefits.  Completed lunch forms need to be completed online, mailed to Nutrition Services (address on the application) or hand delivered to the lunchroom cashier.  Students who did not qualify at the end of last year in Highline School District will be required to pay full price until an application is received and processed.

2018-19 Meal Prices

  • Regular:
    • Breakfast - $1.75
    • Lunch - $3.25
    • Milk only: $.50
    • Soy or lactose-free:  $.75
  • Reduced: No Charge



We fully commit to Chinook Middle School in the following ways

  • We will arrive every day by 7:35 A.M. (Mon. – Fri.).
  • We will remain until 3:05 P.M. (Mon. – Fri.).
  • We will always teach in the best way we know how, and we will do whatever it takes for our students to learn.
  • We will always make ourselves available to students, parents, and any concerns they might have.
  • We will always protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom.


We fully commit to Chinook Middle School in the following ways:

  • We will make sure our child arrives every day by 8:00 A.M. (Mon. – Fri.).
  • We will make arrangements so our child can remain until 2:35 P.M. (Mon. – Thur.) 1:05 (Fri.).
  • We will always help our child in the best way we know how and we will do whatever it takes for him/her to learn. This also means that we will check our child's homework every night, let him/her email the teacher if there is a problem with the homework, monitor their grades on-line, and limit the amount of television/computer time at home. 
  • We will always make ourselves available to our children, the school, and any concerns they may have.
  • If our child is going to miss school, we will notify the school as soon as possible.
  • We will read carefully all the papers that the school sends home to us.
  • We will make sure our child is following Chinook Middles School’s Uniform Policy each day.
  • We understand that our child must follow the Chinook Middle School rules and SOAR expectations so as to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom. We, not the school, are responsible for the behavior and actions of our child.


I fully commit to Chinook Middle School in the following ways:

  • I will arrive every day by 8:00 A.M. (Mon. – Fri.).
  • I will remain until 2:35 P.M. (Mon. – Thur.) 1:05 (Fri.).
  • I will attend all classes on time every day.
  • I will follow Chinook Middle School’s dress code each day.
  • I will always work, think, and behave in the best way I know how. I will do whatever it takes for me and my fellow students to learn by following Chinook’s SOAR expectation so I and my classmates can SOAR to Success together.
  • I will complete all classwork and homework assignments each day.
  • If I have a problem with the schoolwork, I will seek assistance from my teachers, classmates or family.
  • I will always listen to all my classmates and give everyone my respect.
  • I am responsible for my own behavior.


The following list includes definitions of some of the consequences issued to students for various rule violations.

Suspension: Out of School or In-School

  1. Suspension is our "last resort" in situations other than those mentioned below.  When several interventions have failed to remediate a behavior which disrupts a class and prevents a teacher from teaching, we have a responsibility to all students in a class to remove the disruptive student.

  2. Out of school suspension (OSS) is when a student is referred to stay home for a given number of days.  They are not allowed to be on school campuses without permission during an OSS.  Staff members are not required to provide assignments during a suspension; however, students must be allowed to make up any missed work upon their return. 

  3. In school suspension (ISS) is when a student is referred to Chinook Academy for a given number of days. Student will work on class assignments and complete restorative work during their time in ISS.

  4. Students on any type of suspension or reduced school day will not participate in extra-curricular activities on those days.

After School Detention

Students are assigned time after school for academic support or as a behavioral consequence.  This time is done with a classroom teacher or through the office.  Students are given 24-hour notice before the detention is to be done.  It is their responsibility to notify parents. 

Lunch Detention 

Students are assigned to a detention room during the 30-minute lunch for various rule violations.  They are to report to this room before getting their lunch.  They are dismissed from the Isolated Lunch Room to get their lunch and return to the room to eat.  They may do school work or read in the detention room.

Campus Beautification

Students are assigned to a certain number of days of cafeteria or campus cleanup.  They are assigned a specific task that may include wiping tables, sweeping the floor, pulling weeds or picking up trash.

Loss of Privileges

Students may lose the right to attend assemblies, after-school events or other activities.  Passing time between classes is also a privilege that can be removed if a student does not handle the time well.


The main function of the school is its instructional program. For this reason, all students are expected to achieve grades that are consistent with their ability in each subject area. Progress reports and quarter grade reports may be accessed online.  Parents may contact their student’s teachers or the school counselors by phone or e-mail at any time if there are questions.


The mission of Chinook Middle School is to create and sustain a culture of achievement where all students excel. One of our core beliefs is that we will have a tone of decency and trust. We value our relationships and treat each other with fairness, kindness, and generosity. We have a consistent, fair, and progressive, discipline policy at Chinook which benefits all students by providing a safe and respectful environment that is conducive to learning. We use Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to teach guidelines, expectations, and to provide students with tools and skills to manage their behavior. In many cases involving the need for discipline Chinook Middle School staff and administration will attempt when appropriate to take a Restorative Justice approach as a response to misbehavior.  When harm or “disrespect” has occurred Restorative Justice is a way to empower both the person that was harmed and the person causing the harm. The process involves an adult facilitated mediation between both parties in what is called a restorative circle. At Chinook we expect parents and guardians to be prepared to participate in these “circles” in some cases when their students are in need of disciplinary intervention. These circles are intended to be a learning opportunity for all involved. This process does not preclude consequences. Additional information regarding discipline can be found in the Highline Public Schools Student Calendar with Rights & Responsibilities and at under School Board/Policies & Procedures.

The following are prohibited on or adjacent to school premises, in transit to and from school, or at school-sponsored activities and may constitute cause for discipline, suspension, or expulsion. The district reserves the right to refer to the appropriate non-school agency any act or conduct of its pupils which may constitute a crime under federal, state, county, or local law.

  • Failure to comply with school district policies or school rules. 
  • Failure to comply with the lawful directions of school personnel acting in the performance of their duties.
  • The attempt to inflict, or the actual infliction of physical harm on any school employee, pupil, or other person (assault, fighting, threats).
  • The use, possession, or transmission of any object which can reasonably be considered a weapon.
  • Any conduct or expression by a pupil directed toward any other student, teacher, administrator, or other school personnel for the purpose of intimidating or coercing him or her.
  • Any possession or use of tobacco products, alcohol or other illegal substances at any time in the school building, school grounds or school sponsored activities.
  • Any deliberate or repeated lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct or expression (verbal, non-verbal, visual or physical contact) including that of a sexual nature.
  • The destruction, damage, theft or vandalism of school property, school buses or the property of others.
  • Presence during school hours on the campus of any school other than the school in which the student is enrolled, except when the student has first checked into the administrative office of the school and received permission to visit.
  • Any conduct or expression causing substantial disruption or interference of any school function or operation. 
  • Any action, event, or group of events which constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local law.
  • Tamper with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, or other firefighting equipment.  To do so violates state law and offenders will be referred to the fire department officials.
  • The unauthorized entry to or use of any school facilities or tampering with building electrical light switches, outlets, locks, clocks, etc., that are considered a part of the campus.
  • The forging of any signature or the making of any false entry, or the alteration of any document used or intended to be used in connection with the operation of the school.
  • Any distribution or posting of written materials at Chinook requires the prior approval of the principal or assistant principal.
  • Nothing can be sold or distributed on the campus without the permission of the principal or assistant principal.


Highline School District students will be on an "early release" schedule EVERY FRIDAY except September 7, 2018. Chinook students will be released at 1:05 PM on early release days instead of the regular release time of 2:35. Early release time for staff is dedicated to teacher planning and collaboration time district-wide.  The Early Release days are cancelled in the event of a delayed beginning due to snow or other weather related emergency. Early Release days are tentative until calendar is confirmed.


It is very important that the school has accurate student directory information. Any changes to home address, mailing address, phone number, parent work/cell numbers, or changes to emergency contacts should be reported to the main office as soon as they occur.


Students at Chinook will be using many items which belong to the school such as Chromebook, library books, textbooks, tools, instruments, and other kinds of materials. If students are using school equipment or materials and they are lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the student to pay for them. A fine will be assessed for the fair repair or replacement value if these items are lost or damaged. Fines are recorded throughout the school year and become a matter of student’s record; transcripts/report cards and yearbooks are withheld until fines are cleared.  Fines and Fees may be paid online or in the school office.


On Free Dress Days, clothing that causes disruption of the educational process will not be allowed.  Some examples are:

  • Clothing with inappropriate language or images is not allowed.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses MUST reach mid-thigh.
  • Shirts MUST meet the waistband of skirts or pants.
  • Shoes, accessories, hats, and outerwear policies still apply on Free Dress Days.


The main function of the school is its instructional program. For this reason, all students are expected to achieve grades that are consistent with their ability in each subject area. Progress reports and quarter grade reports may be accessed online.  Parents may contact their student’s teachers or the school counselors by phone or e-mail at any time if there are questions.


Students are expected to cooperate with guest teachers respectfully. Any referral for misbehavior that is made by a guest teacher may result in disciplinary action or may include suspension. Treating all people with respect is an expectation for all Chinook students.


  • Hall Pass: A hall pass is required whenever a student is in the hall during class time.
  • Keep walking: Standing around in the hallways is discouraged. Use your passing time to get to class on time.
  • Mouths empty: Food, candy, gum, pop and any other food or drink items are not allowed anywhere except in the cafeteria.                
  • Hands and feet to self: Horseplay is not safe and is not allowed at Chinook. Horseplay is defined as pushing, shoving, hitting, grabbing, or roughhousing.
  • Appropriate language: Inside voices, respectful tone and positive language will be used at all times. Foul language is not tolerated at Chinook.

ID and ASB

All students will receive a Chinook Identification Card on picture day. The Chinook Identification card also serves as official identification for purposes in school and at non-school events.  Students turning out for after school sports will be required to purchase an ASB membership of $10. Money collected from ASB membership helps pay for activity buses, referees, equipment, and supplies.


At Chinook Middle School, our goal is to create and sustain a culture of achievement where all students excel. Our Thunderbird community SOARs toward Success by being Safe, Organized, Achieving and Respectful every day. To help us fulfill this obligation to our students, we need the full support of our families, students and staff. A large part of this support is ensuring that each student is ready to learn once they step foot onto our campus. The following expectations around dress/appearance, cell phones/electronics and school supplies will help clarify what it means to SOAR at Chinook Middle School. Your involvement as a parent/guardian does not end when you drop your student off or usher them out the door to walk to school or catch the bus. To guarantee your student’s success, please review these daily expectations with them and check that your student is ready to SOAR before they leave the house each day. Are they:

  • Properly prepared with the needed materials and schoolwork in their backpack?
  • Leaving all electronic devices at home?
  • Properly dressed to meet school expectations?

Education is a partnership between school and home. Together, we can ensure your student meets their potential as high achieving students at Chinook Middle School. Please review our Commitment to Excellence and Learning Ready Expectations in more detail below. We look forward to working with you to ensure your student’s success!


State law dictates specific steps we must follow when students need to have medication at school. A Medication Authorization form can be obtained from the clinic or attendance office or the district website at Each time your student requires new medication, this form needs to be completed, signed by your doctor, and returned to the school nurse before medication can be taken at school.  Medications must be kept in the school clinic (along with the completed form).  Prescribed medications must have the original prescription label attached and all medications must be in their original containers.  It will be the student’s responsibility to report to the school nurse or attendance secretary at the prescribed times to take medications.


Spray perfumes and mists, permanent markers, or other non-essential items are not allowed at Chinook.


Students may earn S.O.A.R. tickets (Service Minded, On Time & On Task, Attitude in Check, Respectful) for a variety of things. Tickets are issued by teachers for certain activities such as returning forms on time or good behavior. Students may also earn tickets from any staff member for outstanding citizenship, extra effort, being kind or helpful to others, or participating in special activities.

Tickets must be signed by the issuing staff member and are not transferable. You may "spend" the tickets, on a variety of items, at the SOAR store on occasional Fridays during lunch. They can also be used for Fun Fridays, drawings for a free crewneck, or Lunch with the Principal.

As good citizens, students and staff have the responsibility to report problems or violations of rules.  We continuously encourage our students to report to counselors, teachers, and administrators anything that is interfering with their well-being at Chinook.  We have student complaint forms in the Attendance Office as well. When handling behavior issues we make every effort to communicate with families in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on making this a priority in meeting the needs of our students.


  • Students have a responsibility for their own safety and also that of others. Therefore, running, shoving, horseplay, and unnecessary roughness in the school buildings, cafeteria, halls, breezeways, and library are prohibited. Matches, lighters, and other ignitable substances are not allowed at school.  Possession of such will result in disciplinary action.
  • Animals, firecrackers, weapons, matches, cigarette lighters, and any other items which would endanger safety or health of others are never permitted at school.
  • Bicycle Helmets:  Highline School Board Policy-3424 and Washington State law requires students to wear helmets whenever riding their bicycles to and from school.  Students can be ticketed for violations of the law.


Official School Day: 8:05 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. Building open for students: 7:40 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Students are not allowed in the building at other times unless they are involved in a school activity.


The student store is located in the main office and is open before school, during passing time, lunch time and after school.  In addition to the list of items available in the main office, mechanical pencils, pens, pencils, and erasers are available in the vending machines in the hall next to the main office.

Items available in the main office:

  • $.50 each - Mechanical Pencil Lead Refill, Dividers (8-Tab)
  • $1 each - Composition Book, Pencil Pouch, 3-hole Paper
  • $3 - Tri-fold Display Board
  • $10 - Flash Drive
  • $2 - Chinook Lanyard
  • $3 - Soccer Socks
  • $8 - Chinook T-Shirt
  • $10 - Chinook Shorts
  • $16 - Chinook Crew neck Sweatshirt
  • $12 - Chinook Socks (limited sizes)

All payments must be made in the main office to receive a receipt. Cash or Check only. Sorry no refunds or exchanges.

Do not make payments to teachers or other school staff.


Our dress code demonstrates that Chinook Middle School is a community committed to creating and sustaining a culture of achievement where all students excel and feel safe. Fostering a learning-focused, professional atmosphere in the school means minimizing distractions and maximizing the opportunities for students to show school pride and dignity.

Students are required to adhere to the uniform policy on school property including the bus load zone and during arrival and dismissal times.

Detailed Uniform Policy information


Purpose Statement: The Chinook PBIS team collaboratively designs and maintains a multi-tiered school-wide system of support which promotes a culture of achievement where all students excel by:

  • Clearly defining and teaching guidelines and expectations for all students and staff
  • Emphasizing a positive learning environment
  • Building relationships based on a tone of decency and trust
  • Increasing opportunities for success for all Thunderbirds
  • Consistently and frequently celebrating achievements
  • Encouraging buy in through ongoing development, review and rewards.


Required School Fees and Athletic Fees:


$ 5.00           Science Lab Fee (Required - payment due by end of 1st Qtr)

 10.00           Technology Fee (Required - payment due by end of 1st Qtr)

 10.00           ASB Card (Required before first sports practice)

 30.00           Sports Participation Fee (Required before 1st game - regular price)*

 15.00           Sports Participation Fee (Required before 1st game - Free/Reduced meals eligible price)*


In order for PBIS to be successful at Chinook, we need your help.  Below is a list of suggestions of how you can help support PBIS: 

  1. Remind your child of what it means to SOAR on a daily basis (before leaving for school is a great time to review these):  
  2. Be Safe, Be Organized, Be Achieving, Be Respectful!
  3. Teach common expectations with us at Chinook.  Review the behavior chart and consider using a similar chart at home.  The next page contains one you can use!
  4. Ask your student how they SOARed at school each day.  Find out if they got a SOAR ticket!  Praise your student for making good choices at school. 
  5. If you are contacted because your child has not been SOARing, please review the behavior chart at home with your child, and look for where he/she can improve and talk together to make a plan. 

Working together as a community we will help our student to continue to be successful at Chinook!


Please review class syllabus for other required supplies.


Additional fees


$ 5










  ASB membership (required for sports)



  Sports Participation Fee (regular)



  Sports Participation Fee (free/reduced lunch)






Required Supplies:

Ear Buds/Headphones Pencil pouch

Blue or Black Ballpoint Pens Pencils

4 Composition Books


Recommended Supplies:

Graph paper Graph composition book

Eraser Glue stick

Ruler Colored pencils

Highlighter Non-permanent markers

Scissors Post-it notes


*A specific calculator or other supplies may be requested by individual teachers once classes have started.


Items Available in the Student Store: (available to purchase year-round)



These items are available in the vending machines in the main hall:

$ .50 – Mechanical pencil

$ .50 – Ball point pen

$ .25 – Pencil

$ .25 – Pencil top erasers

- Composition Book



- Dividers


- Flash Drive


- Mechanical Pencil Lead (.5 or .7)


- 3 hole Paper


- Pencil Pouch


- Display Board


Spirit Wear Items: (available to purchase, in the Student Store, year-round)


- Chinook Lanyard - cloth


- Chinook T-Shirt (sizes S-XXL) *


- Chinook Crewneck (sizes S-XL,) (YL, YXL, Adult XXL-limited quantities) *


- Chinook Shorts – for PE only (sizes S-XXL), (YL- limited quantities)

$ 14

- Chinook Socks


*School Uniform Policy compliant for daily wear




ILC (Special Ed.) Class Supply List:

Large Pencils (Kindergarten) Erasers

Ruler Construction Paper (package with multiple colors)

Wallet Glue Sticks (large)

Composition Book Non-permanent Markers

Large Crayons

Grooming Kit: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, facial soap, washcloth and container to hold supplies.