Daily Announcements - February 4 - February 8

Daily Announcements - February 4 - February 8

Friday, February 8

All extra activities have been cancelled today. We will be on a regular Friday schedule. There will be no after school activities and student are to go home immediately after school releases. Buses will stop at alternate stops before and after school.

Snow is coming—don’t be caught without a good book! Come to the library to check out a great read: something new or something familiar. We can even set you up on a book blind date. See you at the library!

PI kids, you need to go straight home after school today. No PI dancing today!

Mrs. Moore’s health classes, you need to take home your Chromebooks and chargers for online school next week in case we have a lot of snow and won’t have school.

All students need to check your google classroom in the event of snow days next week. You should be checking daily!

Thursday, February 7

Reminder students, we are on a Monday schedule today and will have sports after school as usual. Tomorrow you will be in Advisory all day. Next week, we will be on a Monday schedule all week.

The Valentines Dance is postponed due to the unpredictable weather. Snow is in the forecast and we don’t want you to have to leave the dance early because of snow! This will be planned in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 6

No after school Wrestling pracitce today. Go straight home after school.

Students, if you ever have questions about whether school is on time, delayed, or if there are changes to bus routes, please go to the highlineschools.org website.

Staff and students, this week and all of next week, we will be using a Monday bell schedule.

Our new Attendance Challenge has begun! The challenge will be for 23 days this time and you ALL can make this! You need 95% in attendance in order for you to be able to attend the “Breakfast Celebration!”

We have new books in the library! Stop by to see what’s new and to check something out.

Come to the library makerspace during lunch! We have several types of robots, some circuitry activities, sewing machines and so much more. Make sure to get a pass from Mrs. Meschter or Miss Sheila so you can be dismissed from the lunchroom.

Fress Dress today! You've all earned it! Keep up the great work of getting to class on time...you can do it!

Late school start today, 2 hours late. School will begin at 10:05 AM. If you are a bus rider, your bus is on an alternate weather bus route bus and the pick up time will be exactly 2 hours later than your usual pick up time. Below are the alternate bus routes for today.

Alternate Weather Bus Routes for Chinook Middle School 2/6/19

Regular Stop: 15220 30th Ave S
Emergency Stop: 3050 S 152nd St

Regular Stop: 16680 51st Ave S
Emergency Stop: Military Rd S @ S 170th St

Regular Stop: 21420 30th Ave S (Green House)
Emergency Stop: Pacific Hwy S @ S 211th St (NB)

Regular Stop: 21938 30th Ave S (Building A)
Emergency Stop: Pacific Hwy S @ S 220th St (NB)

Regular Stop: 32nd Ave S 1/4 block N of S 162nd St
Emergency Stop: S 164th St 1/4 block E of 34th Ave S

Regular Stop: 4627 S 164th St
Emergency Stop: Military Rd S @ S 164th St (Safeway)

Regular Stop: 51st Ave S 1/4 block S of S 164th St
Emergency Stop: Military Rd S @ S 164th St (Safeway)

Regular Stop: S 160th St @ 43rd Ave S
Emergency Stop: Military Rd S @ S 164th St (Safeway)

Regular Stop: S 160th St @ 48th Ave S
Emergency Stop: Military Rd S @ S 164th St (Safeway)

Regular Stop: S 220th St @ 29th Ct S
Emergency Stop: Pacific Hwy S @ S 220th St (NB)

Tuesday, February 5

No School due to snow.

Monday, February 4

No School due to snow.